Eco-Friendly ProductsApkaeco
Eco-Friendly ProductsApkaeco
Make your love Count with Our Eco-Friendly gifts.


3 Step Approach to Creating Superior Eco-Friendly Products

We follow a simple, three-step process to create high-quality, eco-friendly products as an alternative to conventional gift items.

Step 1: Extraction

The first step is to extract the raw materials from sustainable resources needed to make eco-friendly gifting items.

Step 2: Crafting

After extracting the materials, We craft them into the desired shape and form. This step involves shaping, polishing, and finishing the products to ensure their quality and the required specifications.

Step 3: Offering

After crafting, the products are ready to offer to customers. At this stage, we package and label them appropriately to showcase their eco-friendliness and make it easy for customers to identify and purchase them as sustainable options.

One-of-a-Kind: Gift Hamper for One

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Apka Eco’s “One of a Kind” introduces a thoughtfully curated collection to help you maintain good hygiene and reduce waste. Featuring an eco-friendly neem wood comb, a sustainably sourced toothbrush, a tongue cleaner, a 5-unit pack of infused plantable seed recycled paper pens, a 10-unit pack of infused plantable seed pencils, and a wooden multi-purpose wall holder that doubles as a wall hanger to make a positive impact on the environment while pampering yourself.

single person eco gift pack

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Together We Grow: Gift Hamper for Couple

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Together We Grow


“Together We Grow” is an eco-friendly gift hamper for couples introduced by Apka Eco featuring a curated collection of good hygiene and waste reduction that includes two neem combs, two sustainable toothbrushes, two tongue cleaners, a pack of ear picks, two packs of recycled  plantable paper pens (5 units each), two packets of plantable pencils (10 units each), and a round wooden fruit basket. Give your partner a sustainable reminder with Apka Eco.


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Together We Grow

Small but Mighty: Gift Hamper for Three

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Small but Mighty

The “Small but Mighty”: An Eco-Friendly Gift Hamper for Three is a valuable present for sustainability and practicality. The hamper consists of various daily essentials made from eco-friendly materials, such as two jute folders, three bamboo toothbrushes, three neem combs, three tongue cleaners, three bamboo earpick boxes, three packs of eco-friendly plantable with infused seeds pens (5 units each), three boxes of plantable pencils (10 units each), and a beautiful rectangular bamboo wood tray. Giving this unique gift to a friend, family member, or coworker will show your thoughtfulness and usefulness.

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Small but Mighty

The Eco-Squad: Gift Hamper for Five

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The Eco-Squad


Our “Eco-Squad Sustainable Gift Hamper for Five” is a collection of eco-conscious products to prioritize ethical and environmentally-friendly practices. It includes a Bamboo Mobile/Tablet Stand, Bamboo Newspaper/Magazine Holder, 5 Bamboo Toothbrushes and 5 Tongue Cleaners, a pack of 5 Bamboo Cotton Ear picks (x5 each), 5 Plantable seed pen boxes, and Plantable seed newspaper pencil boxes (x10 each), and 5 Neem Combs. These products are made from biodegradable bamboo material and seed-infused paper, making them a great gift option for anyone who values sustainability

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The Eco-Squad

Need to Order in Bulk?

Apka Eco Has You Covered!

If you’re looking to order a large number of our eco-friendly gift hampers, we’re happy to help! Visit our website or email us to get in touch. We’ll work with you to customize your order and provide a quote. Thank you for considering Apka Eco for your eco-friendly needs!


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For a limited time period, enjoy 20% off your purchase of our Eco-Squad Sustainable Gift Hamper for Five. It’s a practical and stylish gift option for anyone who values sustainability. Order now and start living a more eco-conscious lifestyle today!

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My partner and I were thrilled with the eco-friendly gift hamper we received from Apka Eco. The products were not only practical, but also beautifully designed and ethically produced. We love supporting companies that prioritize sustainability, and Apka Eco definitely fits the bill.

Priya Mehra

I received the personalized eco-friendly gift hamper from Apka Eco as a birthday present, and it was such a thoughtful and unique gift. The fact that the products were sustainable made me feel good about using them, and I loved that they were tailored specifically to my interests. I will be ordering from Apka Eco in the future.

Ankita Patwal

As a business owner, I was looking for a sustainable and memorable gift to give to my team of five. Apka Eco’s eco-friendly gift hamper was the perfect solution. The range of products included was impressive, and the fact that they were all sustainably produced was a huge plus. My team loved the gift and appreciated the effort that went into selecting each item.

Jonathan Doe

CEO - Founder

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